The waffle cup “Cupffee”

Manufacturer: Cupffee Ltd, BULGARIA
Made from oat bran and wheat flour.
Doesn’t contain ingredients that have been derived from animals. 100% vegan!

Cup volume: 220 ml
One package contains 12 pcs.
In one box 20 packs or 240 pcs.
Available:  luxury retail pack – 12 pcs
Minimum order quantity: 1 box – 240 pcs

Available to order cups in cupholder with your own pictures or logo.

Ingredients: oat bran, wheat flour +(E300 – Ascorbic acid), water, sugar, refined vegetable (palm) oil, stabilizers: E401- sodium alginate, E 415-xanthan gum.
Energy value and nutritional value 100gr of product: 1682 kJ/402 kKal.
Fat – 4.2g., protein – 13g, carbohydrates – 78g., salt – 0.2g..

Store in dry, cool rooms at a temperature of 18 ±5ᵒC and relative humidity not more than 75%.
Does not contain GMOs. Contains gluten.
Shelf life – 9 months from the date of manufacture (see on the package).
Once broached use within 5 days.
Instructions for use:
– the temperature of the drink (filling) must not exceed +85ᵒC;
– the recommended time for using a wafer cup after filling it is 40 minutes. Exceeding the recommended time can cause the drink to leak;

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